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HOA Board

HOA Board Goals

The goals of the HOA Board are serving our members by keeping them informed of the Protective Covenants, regulations, and membership activities; being a resource for information about our community; providing news and announcements of local events; and providing our members the opportunity to have an active role in our community.

Board of Directors, Board Meetings, Volunteers and History

(president AT
Phil Harber
(vice-president AT
Lynn Dent
Secretary to Board
(secretary AT

Jane Hoffmann

CFE #7 Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 64173
Tucson, AZ 85728-4173

(treasurer AT
Ken Ellis
Board Members Randy Accetta
Lynn Dent
Ken Ellis
Phil Harber
Joel Henness
Julie Kelly
Cesar Melendez
John Milbauer
David Ruffner


Project Review Committee
(projreview AT
Cesar Melendez, Chair
Joel Henness
Tommy Henry (resident)
Communication Committee
(communication AT
John Milbauer

Covenants Enforcement Committee
(covenants AT
Ken Ellis, Chair
Lynn Dent
David Ruffner
Landscape Committee
(landscape AT
Julie Kelly, Chair
Hamid Badghisi (resident)
Joanne Robinson (resident)
(newsletter AT
John Milbauer

Neighborhood Watch
(watch AT
Jane Hoffmann
Cesar Melendez
Nominating Committee
(nominating AT
John Milbauer, Chair
Welcome Committee
(welcome AT
Julie Kelly
Web site
(webmaster AT
Tom Hicks (resident)  

Monthly Board Meetings

The Board meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month. There are no meetings scheduled during July and August. Holidays and vacation schedules sometimes result in the rescheduling or cancellation of a particular meeting, so please check the homepage at or with the Secretary to confirm an upcoming meeting date and time.

We allow a ten minute period at the beginning of each monthly meeting for "Resident Related Issues". Agenda time must be scheduled with the secretary two weeks before the meeting.


Volunteers are always welcomed to serve on the Board of Directors. Refer to the bylaws for qualifications. Contact any Board Member, Nominating Committee or the Secretary to volunteer.

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Annual Meetings of the Members of the Association

Annual Meetings of the Members of the Association occur on the second week of February each year. The meeting is held at such place designated by the Board. All members are notified by mail not less than 10 days prior.

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