Catalina Foothills Estates No. 7

Approved Plant Lists & Vegetation Zones

Preserving Natural Vegetation and Terrain
Preservation of our native landscape and terrain is one of the primary goals of the Association. In general, it is desirable to enhance the presence of native plants and remove invasive and non-native species. It is for these reasons that homeowners are restricted when making landscape and hardscape alterations to their property.
  • These plant list web pages are an attempt to make vegetation information more easily accessible. In the event of descrepancies, the official Appendix E is the definitive and controlling document.
    Vegetation Zones
  • For the purpose of maintaining the natural character and aesthetics of our Catalina Foothills environment, the PRC segments each Lot into three distinct zones: Private, Transition, and Native Desert.
  • Private Zone
  • The Private Zone is defined as enclosed patios, courtyards, and pool areas which are not visible from adjoining Lots or from public rights-of-way within CFE #7. These areas may be landscaped with few restrictions except that no invasive or noxious plants may be planted (see Appendix D - Prohibited Plant List)
  • Transition Zone
  • The Transition Zone is defined as no more than a fifteen (15) foot wide perimeter around any structure or walled area. This fifteen foot perimeter shall not encroach upon any required setback. This zone may have desert-colored decorative rock on the bare areas. Any new plantings in this area shall be consistent with the approved Transition Zone Plant List but may also include the approved Native Desert Zone plants.
  • Native Desert Zone
  • The Native Desert Zone is defined as the balance of the Lot area. Native vegetation shall not be removed from these areas, and the soil surface shall neither be disturbed nor shall the ground surface be covered with decorative rock or other similar material. The soil surface may however be disturbed in order to control erosion (riprap) and for the implementation of an approved plan for xeriscaping the site.
  • All plants in this area shall be on the the approved Native Desert Zone Plant List.

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